Military & 1st Responder Family & Dependent Teen Programs & Support Services

Programs, Events & Support Services


At the core of the RecFX Foundation is our belief that we don’t want to just be ahead of the curve in terms of our programs with U.S. Military Dependent Teenagers (MDTs), 1st Responder Teens (1RDTs) and their families; we want to SET THE CURVE!

We want to impact the lives of MDT’s and 1RDTs ages 12 to 18 throughout our Military, Veteran and 1st Responder communities!

Our programs focus on helping MDTs and 1RDTs cope with the challenges and stresses involved with being in a Military and 1st Responder family and experiencing deployment cycles through experience-based learning.

We believe in creating life-long friendships while learning fundamental leadership skills!

Deployment & Reintegration Support

Our Military and 1st Responder family reintegration program support MDTs, 1RDTs and their families as they face the pressures and stress of daily and long term deployment cycles.

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Family Retreats

One of the very best things Military and 1st Responder families can do is to get away for a weekend together with the support and comradare of 4-11 other families.

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Teen Leadership Project

One of our favorite programs is the Teen Leadership Program (M1R-TLP).

We teach teens how leadership shapes their lives, empowers them to overcome adversity and serve the community.

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Family Life Counseling

When a family service member deploys, long term or daily, it can be a confusing, emotional experience for any MDT, 1RDT and other family members.

We are here for them every step of the way.

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Water Sports Camps

Explore the Ocean & Land Through a Variety of Water Sports Activities & Hands-On Experiences

These camps are an Incredible & Extended Beach Experience & Exciting Alternative to Traditional Summer Camps.

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Upcoming Programs & Services

We are constantly developing new, innovative and exciting programs that our families will love.

Take a look at some of what is currently in the wings only waiting for sustainable funding.

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